Perfectly Imperfect


Barn wood siding has many uses in remodel or new construction including "as is" or skimmed to create a rustic or authentic appearance in exterior and interior siding or sanded for beautiful cabinets, flooring, ceiling boards and furniture. Each board is a work-of-art and showcases a century of more of weathering and character with a texture and grain pattern not found in new lumber.



Most barns were painted at one time during their life and have various shades of faded red, white, green, and yellow. Used for exterior siding, interior paneling, flooring, ceiling boards, and furniture.


Grey board 
Previously painted boards totally faded and weathered to grey. Used for exterior siding, interior paneling, milled for flooring, ceiling boards, and furniture.


Brown board
Interior boards with a honey-brown appearance and often slightly thicker. Used for cabinets, flooring, interior siding, ceiling boards.


Roof Board or "Naily Board"
Brown to grey in appearance and “naily” in character with multiple nail holes. Used for ceiling board, backwalls, accents, paneling, furniture, and flooring.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Beams Trusses Barn Wood Siding Flooring and Lumber Barn Doors and Artifacts